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Patterns - Folkwear #151 Japanese Hakama & Kataginu

Patterns - Folkwear #151 Japanese Hakama & Kataginu
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Part # N-Folkwear - 151


Folkwear #151 Japanese Hakama & Kataginu. During the Edo period in Japan (1615-1868), members of the samurai or warrior class wore the Kamishimo, a traditional costume made up of the Kataginu or pleated-front vest and Hakama or pleated pants/skirt. The two garments were typically worn over a knee-length kimono for formal occasions, martial arts, and historic reenactment. This pattern gives you complete instructions for cutting and pleating the traditional Hakama in any size and includes pattern pieces for Small, Medium-Large, and Sumo-Size Koshiita (Backboard) and Kosiita Triangles. For contemporary sportswear, pattern also includes instructions for optional side panels to fill in the side-seam gaps that expose the underlying kimono in traditional wear. The wide-shoulder Kataginu can be made to match the Hakama for a traditional samurai appearance or as a contrasting wearable art accent. Easy to pleat and sew, it completes a dramatci outfit.
To view the flat pattern drawing, fabric & notion suggestions, and yardage requirements, click the option "Click to Enlarge" under the picture.
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