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        • Swatches will be sent out 1st class mail to the United States and its territories plus Canada.
        • Swatches are approximately 2"x3" if they are die-cut, or 1.5" x 6" if they are cut from the bolt
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        • Swatches are approximately 2"x3" if they are die-cut, or 1.5" x 6" if they are cut from the bolt
        • For swatch requests for fabric not found on the website, please contact the retail store for assistance.
        • Swatches will be sent out via 1st class mail to the United States, United States territories, and Canada.
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        • Swatches are not returnable.
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          Rayon Spandex
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        4.80(Votes: 5)
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        • Apr 22, 2021, 10:14 AM
          I ordered and received a few swatches. A bit disappointed in the size of the swatches and placement of the stapled info sheet. I have received swatches from and and was very impressed with the size of their swatches.
          Apr 22, 2021, 12:14 PM
          Thank you for your comments. Our die-cut swatches, like what people receive with our catalogs, are 2" x 3" and represent stock that is on hold for that catalog. If we are cutting a swatch from an open bolt on our sales floor, it will be roughly 1.5" x 7", so we only cut 1.5" of the salable floor stock. We do this so you receive the current dye lot, as opposed to receiving a pre-cut swatch that may be several seasons old. We can also sell 1/8 yards strips, should customers need to share fabrics with clients or bridesmaids, etc. - this would be done by the phone, not online. We will play around with labelling - different staff have their favorite ways of labelling, so it is helpful to receive this feedback. Thanks! :-)

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