Questions about Ordering   

Q: Can I order fractional yardage? 
A: Yes, use your decimals:

Yardage Conversion Chart
1/8 = .125 1/4 = .25 1/3 = .333 3/8 = .375
1/2 = .5 5/8 = .625 2/3 = .667 7/8 = .875

Q: Can I order just half a yard?
A: Yes and no.  Our computer system can't figure out why you don't want a full "unit".  Please call Customer Serive at 800-433-4313 for assistance.

Q: What if I want a half yard of several of the same type of fabric? 
A: For example:  
    If you want 1/2 yard cuts of 5 Silk Dupionis, do this:
   1] Order 2.5 yds of one color
   2] Type a note in the Customer Notes box of the checkout: Please send me 1/2 yard each of these 5 colors...." (and list the colors).

Q:Are the colors of the fabrics on my monitor accurate?
A: Close but not quite.  Every monitor is different.  We try to be as accurate as possible.  Please order a swatch to be sure it's the color you want.

Q: Can I order wholesale, even though I'm not a business?
A: Yes!  If you are ordering online, yes.  If you were planning on visiting our warehouse you will need a reseller's certificate or a non-profit letter to get in the door.  If you were planning on visiting our retail store, please order wholesale online for in-store pick-up -  allow a day or two to be transferred on our truck, or tell us the day you plan to pick it up.

Questions while Checking Out   

Q: Why won't the checkout page take me to the payment page?
A: If you are having trouble proceeding to the payment page, please Contact Us, either using the Contact Us page or calling 800-433-4313 weekdays from 9:00-5:00 central.  

Q: You have my Credit Card, so why won't it complete the order?
A: No, we DO NOT store credit card information. This is for your safety. Once you submit your order, the credit card is charged and the number disappears.

Q: I have a Gift Certificate PIN number. Where do I enter this?
A: Go to the Checkout Page.  Click the option to Pay by Gift Certificate.  A text box will appear.  Enter the PIN and click the triangle to apply the number.

Q: Can I order if my billing is one address and my shipping is another?
A: Yes and no.  Yes, if you check-out using PayPal.  Generally those orders get red-flagged as fraud when you use a credit card through our site.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still click to pay with Paypal, and then on the PayPal landing page you can choose to pay with a credit card. BUSINESSES: If you will be placing multiple orders with us, you will only need to do this the first few times until we see that your purchases are indeed not fraudulent. After that you should be good to use a credit card directly on our site.

Q: Can I pick up an online order in your store and not pay shipping?
A: Yes. Please 
CLICK HERE for details.

Q: Do you have Coupons or Discount Codes?
A: Yes, we give these to the people on our email list. If you did not see the pop-up option to sign up for our emails please request you be added to our list through the Contact Us page, emailing support@voguefabricsstore.com or by calling Customer Service 847-864-1270.    
Hint:  Get more from our emails by clicking "Manage Preferences" and choosing the emails you want to receive.

Questions about Shipping & Processing 

Q: Can I order if I live out of the US?
A:  Yes, please CLICK HERE for details on International Shipping. 

Q: If I order Next Day Air, will you ship it out that same day?
A: Please 
CLICK HERE for all US Shipping information.

Q: How quickly do your cut and ship orders?
A: Please CLICK HERE for all Processing and Shipping Information.

Q: Are the delivery times posted during checkout "guaranteed"?
A: No - these are estimates for in-transit and do not include processing time.  Please CLICK HERE for all US shipping and processing information.

Other General Questions:

Q: What are Loyalty Points? How do I earn them and use them?
A: Bonus Points are loyalty points.  You can redeem them for special offers or convert them into a Gift Certiicate to use on an order.  There are different ways to earn them.  Make sure you get our emails or join or Vogue Fabrics By Mail catalog to start racking up the Bonus Points.  CLICK HERE to use them.

Q: Can I order individual swatches of fabrics, trims and laces?
A: Yes, click the "Buy a Swatch - $1.00" button for the product you want.  If you do not see this button, read the long description, as it may not be eligible for swatching.  Swatches are $1 each, no additional shipping or tax.

Q: Do you have a physical store?
A: Yes!  Our retail store is located at the front o our wholesale warehouse.  CLICK HERE for address & hours.

Q: How do I make a return?
A: CLICK HERE for our return policy.

Questions about Catalogs and Color Cards 

Q: What is Vogue Fabrics By Mail?
A: It's a great catalog service, mailed out every other month, full of swatches that are color coordinated page by page so you can make a blouse to go with a skirt and jacket, etc.  
CLICK HERE to view past seasonal collections.
CLICK HERE to get more information on subscribing.
     Q:  How long are the catalog fabrics available?
     A:  About 2 years or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

Q: What is Polyester Print Club?
A: This is not really a club.  It started that way for lovers of Polyester Blouse and Dress prints.  You can order the swatch card, or just order online.  It comes out about twice a year, and we keep the prices low on the fabrics.  CLICK HERE to see current Polyester Print Club selections.
     Q:  How long are the "PPC" fabrics available?
     A:  About 1 year or until they sell out, whichever comes first.

Q: Do you have a catalog of your basic fabrics?
A: No.  But we do have Swatch Cards for our most popular collections.  All the fabrics from that collection will be stapled on one card for just $5.  That's a bargain from buying each swatch individually.  CLICK HERE to see the color cards available.



Q:What makes Vogue Fabrics different from other online fabric stores?
1] We offer coordinates (when you click on a fabric, there are usually other coordinating fabrics, or cool related items, featured at the bottom. This helps those who love to be well put together, but do not have time to click through a whole site and guess as to the color)
2] We offer two swatch clubs, which allow members to receive over 500 samples per year for just $39.99. These fabrics are available to members on the site (although the new issues of Vogue Fabrics By Mail only have minimal information to create a "members only" shopping experience for the first two months of the issue).
3] We offer fabrics at wholesale to the public, which is very helpful to those who only need a bolt of an item. Other sites offer wholesale, but you either must register with your business, or you have to wait for supplier to order the product first. Since we have a warehouse of our own, we usually have these items in stock for quick turnaround.
4] We offer fractional quantities in our online store. Not everyone does this.
5] We offer "insane deals" such as 100 gross (14,000) buttons for $20, and 288 yards of cluny lace for $7. We are constantly putting up new and exciting offers that make our customers say, "How does Vogue Fabrics do that?"
6] We provide a link to our informational local store site, www.myvoguefabrics.com, providing you with in-store coupons, sales events, sewing class listings, and much more, as well as travel information to all of our locations.
7] We offer custom services, such as covered buttons and scissor sharpening at our store, so we also promote these on-line, which has proven helpful to many sewing enthusiasts who have trouble such services in their area.
8] People can register for our classes on-line. This is helpful and informative. We draw sewing enthusiasts from several states for our classes, such as Corsetry, Clone Yourself (featured in Threads and Vogue Pattern Magazine), Sandra Betzina, Peggy Sagers from Silhouette Patterns, Slipcover America and much more.
9] We offer nitch items, such as corset supplies, tailoring supplies (which will be growning), Swarovski rhinestones and czec crystal banding, leather pelts with the accessories (not just the pelts), hard to find specialty items (such as the anti-tarnish silver shield cloth and the silver polishing cloth), plus ribbons and trims and even notions you won't find on other sites. People count on us to carry something out of the norm, as well as basics.

More Information:
We offer samples of our fabrics for $1.00 per swatch.
We offer back issues of Vogue Fabrics By Mail (54 swatches inside) for just $2.
A trial issue of VFBM for $5.
A year of VFBM is $30 with a $10 merchandise credit on the first purchase.
No swatches for laces or trims. These you can order 1/8 yard.
10] We are nice people and still consider ourselves a Mom and Pop fabric store.

Q: What else should I know about Vogue Fabrics?
A: Generally orders are cut and shipped within 2 business days when all products are in-stock. If an item is backordered, we will make every attempt to contact you to inform you of the delay. We have order fulfillment sites in our warehouse and in our flagship store.

We have a wholesale warehouse which also is home to our swatch clubs. We have three retail stores in the Chicago area, including our flagship store in Evanston that is a department store set up (Remnants, Bargain Room, Designer Room, Bridal Boutique, Notions & Trimmings, Button Boutique, Sewing Machines, Upholstery and Drapery. We also have a classroom in Evanston that serves as a community center for local sewing groups, non-profit organizations doing sewing projects, scout troops earning sewing badges and more! Visit www.myvoguefabrics.com for more information on our fabric stores in the Chicago area.