Fractional Yardage Available

Our system is geared to the purchase of fractional yardage. To order fractional yardage you must use decimals:

Yardage Conversion Chart:

Yardage Conversion Chart
1/8 = .125 1/4 = .25 1/3 = .333 3/8 = .375
1/2 = .5 5/8 = .625 2/3 = .667 7/8 = .875

For example: If you want 2 1/4 yards of Dupioni.  Enter 2.25 in the quantity box.

Please note that fractional quantity purchases are only available for some products. You must see the “Yard” text next to the quantity box for fractional yardage to be active on that product.

Products such as buttons, notions, zippers, thread and wholesale full rolls are not available for fractional purchases. The text ‘yard’ wil not appear and the ability to add decimal quantities will be prohibited.

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Minimum yardage that can be ordered is 1 yard, unless pull down menu is available on product page for less than 1 yard purchases. Ie: Ultrasuede.