Free Foam Rubber Cutting

Vogue Fabrics - Free foam Rubber Cutting

Free High Density Foam Cutting and Shaping at Vogue Fabrics, Evanston.

We stock a huge selection of high density foam for cushions, and we will custom cut your foam when you purchase it from our Home Decorating Department.  We are unique to Chicago because we specialize in custom cut foam mattresses and foam cushions for your chairs, sofas, cushions, boat seats, or recreational vehicle interior. We will custom cut foam mattresses and foam cushions to almost any size. We have several types of foam that are well suited for foam mattresses or foam cushions, and we can special order specific sizes or thicknesses.


So when you need those foam cushions replaced, bring us a template, your old cover, or old foam and we will custom cut and shape the foam you purchase from us for free. We also supply dacron wrap (seen above being sewn over foam), cotton batting, and many other home decorating products for your do-it-yourself redecorating needs.

Evanston store only. Call 847-864-9600 for details.