Hoop Steel Coil -14mm wide - 50 meters

        Hoop Steel Coil -14mm wide - 50 meters

        Hoop Steel Coil #50-8406-14. 14mm (9/16") wide, .6mm thick. Sold in the 50 meter coil.

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        Hoop Steel Coil - 14mm wide - 50 meters

        • For use in Civil War, Rev War and other historical hoop skirts
        • German hoopsteel with white coating - won't rust
        • 14mm wide by .6 mm thick
        • 50 meters per coil

        This is our strongest hoop steel which is capable of supporting large hoops and heavy fabrics without collapsing. It cannot be used for the tighter curves required by a bustle. Even though this is strong steel, you should have at least 5 hoops for stability and one coil could be enough for 2-3 Fathingales or Hoops. There are connectors to make the hoop making process easier - just slide the connectors onto the cut ends of the steel (scroll down for product #00-8400-14).

        Caution: This hoop steel is made of spring steel and the cable ties that bind the coils should NEVER be cut. Not only because you will have a major tangled mess on your hands but because they are coiled under pressure and cutting the ties is dangerous. Spring steel naturally wants to "spring" out straight.

          • SKU
          • Weight
            8.5 lbs
        • Width
          14 mm
        • Content:
          Steel C 75 Polyolefin Composite Alloy
          Coating: Thermoplastical Elastomer based Sterol-block-copolymerisat
        • Width:
          14 mm (0.55 inches) wide
          0.90mm thick +/- 0.10mm
        • Bullet:
          See full details below in the product description
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