Mask Supplies

Are you sewing masks?  Not sure what to buy?  Every pattern is different. Here is some guidance from the CDC on how to make a mask with fabric.  Start with a pattern (you can download from the internet), and go from there.  Here are the links to the products most people are buying for masks from our site:

If you can't get into our retail store to shop all the cotton prints we have in-stock, no worries - here are links to some excellent mask choices.

Cotton Fabrics:
Kona Cotton 
Hoffman Bali Batiks

Cotton Bandana Prints
Cotton Flannel
Cotton Jersey

Elastic and Twill Tape:
Elastic by the yard
Elastic by the spool
Bias Tape
Shock Cord Elastic
Twill tape

Interfacing or "filtration" layer*:
Interfacing - Thin non-woven fusible is better than batting
Cotton Flannel

Other items:
Iron-on Nose Bars
Machine Needles
Serger Thread
Bias Tape Maker
Bias Binding Foot for the sewing machine
Bias Tapes

*This "filtration" layer is more to make you feel good that you aren't transmitting large particles to other people.  These are not medical grade items. This is a situation where "something is better than nothing" and these are the items most people are buying for this purpose.  The CDC suggests that if you can blow out a candle through your mask, it needs another layer. The mask in the picture is a double layer batik mask and works very well.