Bemberg Rayon Lining

Bemberg Rayon Lining, or Cuprammonium Rayon Bemberg Lining is preferred by high end fashion apparel designers because it is light weight yet durable, silky to the touch, cool against the skin, breathable and resists static cling.  This has a little more body than the Logantex Ambiance did.  Our new high quality Bemberg fabric is made in Japan.

  • Bemberg Rayon Lining. 
  • 100% Cupramonium Rayon. 
  • 48" wide. 
  • Dry Clean or test before washing
  • Made in Japan 
  • Priced per yard.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are replacing our Ambiance lining with the Bemberg Rayon lining.  Both collections are viewable here.  As the colors of Ambiance sell out, we will replace them with comparable colors in the new Bemberg Rayon Lining.