Tax Exempt and Purchase Orders

Tax Exempt Status For Businesses and Organizations:

To apply for tax exempt status with our company we require the following;

  • A current copy of your Resale's Certificate or Not For Profit Letter. (We do not take Federal Letters).
  • A completed Tax Exempt Application Form. (Click Here)
  • Fax both forms to (847)-864-0113. Att: Wholesale Division

Important: Only a current Resaler's Certificate or Non-profit Certificate from the issuing state's Department of Revenue is acceptable. Tax Exempt status expires on the date printed on the certificate, and status must be updated by you the business.  If there is no expiration date, we will keep the entity active for one year.

Exempt Certificate/ Sellers Permit/ Resellers Certificate
    The "Bill to" Address on the order needs to match the certificate and or the business or the exempt organization.
    Must have a Current Date Or cannot be dated more than 4 years
    Must have a Signature
    Company name and billing address must match exempt document for the ship to State *Our correct information is; Vogue Fabrics, 618 Hartrey Ave, Evanston, IL 60202
    IRS letters are proof of “income tax” exemption, forms are needed from the State level for “sales tax” exemption
    W9 Form are not proof of sales tax exemption
    Letters from Government entities is acceptable depending on the State’ requirement
    If the billing state is different from the shipping state, the shipping state must be tax exempt as well and that form needs to be provided. The payer on record/invoice must be exempt from sales tax in the State order is shipped to.
    Purchaser must inform sales rep or customer service rep of exemption, even though there is a certificate on file.
    A fully completed certificate with all required information must be received within 60 days of sale or shipping. Removal or refund of sales tax has a grace period of 60 days in most States.
    Purchaser must pay sales tax if exempt information is received after the grace period.
    If sales tax removal or refund request is rejected, customer can contact the ship to state for a direct refund request. See State’ Department of Revenue website for more information.
    Invoices/orders must be paid with Exempt Organizations funds.

Purchase Order Information:

Qualifying organizations:

  • Public Schools, Private Schools, Universities, and Colleges
  • Religious Organizations
  • Theaters

Important: Vogue Fabrics Inc. does not offer Purchase orders or terms to individuals or businesses.

To register a Purchase with our company we require the following:

  • Purchase Order must be on an official letterhead with every purchase.
  • Non for Profit letter from issuing State. (We do not take Federal Letters).
  • Fax this to 847-864-0113 or email to

This process is subject to approval from our corporate office, so you are encouraged to file these papers before you place your order to prevent delays. If approval is needed and a senior officer from your organization is not available, the order will be held pending approval.

Once your organization has been registered please be sure to include this information during checkout so that we can process your order expediently. Failure to correctly checkout will delay the processing of your order.