FAQ during the COVID Crisis

Frequently Asked Questions During the COVID Crisis:

Q: How soon will I get my order?

A: It depends on how many orders were before you in the queue, if the products are all in stock, and if the order is being filled at our retail store, our warehouse, or both.  Most orders are getting out the door in 2-4 business days.

Q: I ordered elastic and it said Temporarily out of Stock.  How long will I have to wait.

A: We are receiving giant shipments of elastic once or twice a week from the mill.  We are filling the orders from oldest to newest.  Some elastics we have filled all the orders and have put excess online.  Others, we haven't received nearly enough to fill the back log, and we will continue to send them out as the elastics are received. We have even scheduled additional pick-ups with the Postal Service to accommodate the large shipments when we have them. We don't know what elastics we are receiving until we crack open the pallet. 

Q: If I place the order this morning, can I pick up in the afternoon?

A: Most likely it would be a day or two for processing.  If the items are from our retail store on Main Street, they will be driven over to the warehouse mid-afternoon and then we call people to come get their orders at the warehouse. You might place your order after we print the morning orders, or we may have too many ahead of you in the queue that came in from the previous afternoon or evening.  Please be patient. MORE DETAILS FOR IN STORE PICK UP

Q: I am from a charitable organization.  Will you make a donation?

A: We are receiving about 2-3 requests per day from around the country for donations.  We can not donate to everyone - we do want to sustain our business so our staff has a job to come back to when this is over.  You are welcome to shop from our sale items, our wholesale section, or ask benefactors to make the purchase for you of the products you need. 

Q: My Sewing machine broke.  Is there someone there to fix it or rent me a new one?

A: Please email the issue you are having and the type of machine to: myvoguefab@aol.com.  Aaron will try to diagnose it for you via email.  The most common issues are: 

1] not enough tension up top which causes giant loops underneath.  FIX: rethread the machine with the presser foot up, then put the foot down and pull the thread.  If it is loose, adjust the tension until it pulls taught.  Try sewing.

2] the thread isn't catching.  FIX: change the needle and rethread the machine.  If this doesn't fix the issue, the timing may be off and you need it fixed. 

3] I haven't used my machine in years and it is not sewing smoothly.  FIX: machines are like cars - they need to be taken out for a spin once and again.  Take the needle out, and put your foot on the gas (or a heavy book) for a few minutes to knock the crust off the lubricants and to get the parts re-lubed.